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Tapu - What is that?
Tapu - What is that?

What is a TAPU?

The TAPU is a certificate of transfer of ownership which states who owns the immovable property in whole or in part or built (attached) on the immovable property. It is important that this is an official document. Documents are prepared by the Land Registry Office and are issued to the person concerned. You can find out the transaction process through the Internet portal "e-state" - e-devlet. There are 3 different types of TAPU that can be obtained in Turkey. They are:

Equity TAPU: this document is issued if the property will be uted by more than one person. The document states who owns the property and in what proportions.

Floor TAPU: is issued for properties under construction. Floor-by- TAPU can be issued for spaces such as s, apartments or warehouses.

Individual TAPU: this type of TAPU can be obtained the property belongs to one person. Individuals, organizations and institutions can obtain this document for their properties.

In order to start the transaction process, a preliminary application must be submitted to the Office of the Land Registry. The date set for filing the documents is sent to the phone with a message. The state fee for the transaction must be paid before you go to sign the title transfer protocol. In addition, the necessary documents must be prepared.

The information contained in the TAPU:

1) is the address of the property you bought, including province, district, mahalla.

2) the place for the photo of the owner of the property (not pasted since 2019).

3) information about the cadastral number of the land plot on which the property is located.

4) number of apartments on the land plot and number of s.

5) area of the land plot and building in square meters.

6) type of real estate.

7) information on sale price of the property.

8) Information on the purpose for which the purchase and sale is made.

9) The owner of the property.

10) The previous date of the transaction.

11) Information on the previous cadastral data of the land plot, in the data have been changed.

12) Information about the current location of the TAPU file.

13) History of changes in property owners.

14) Signature of the director of the district department of the land registry.

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